The easiest and smartest
driving partner Carspot Ready!

Just prepare smartphone.
It will be connected WiFi when you start a car.
Carspot Ready will be ready and waiting in advance.

Just stay focus on the road.

Now, let's find out what Carspot Ready does.

  • Launch WiFi when starting the car (hotspot on smartphone)
  • At the same time, it automatically runs frequently used apps in the car.
  • It shows nearby map and traffic information while driving.
  • When you park, will remember my parking location.
  • When you get out of the car, it remember the driving.(distance, time, route)

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The most important reason to use this app is

Carspot Ready prepared it before I turn on the smartphone.

So, what can I do with Carspot Ready?

  • All peripheral devices such as navigation can be connected to the Internet by WiFi connection.
  • You can run favorite music, map, and radio apps without touch.
  • Connect devices (Android, iPhone, all-in-one) to WiFi in the car.
  • Sharing your WiFi with your passengers and family.
  • Get real-time traffic and driving directions.
  • You can see my mileage, pattern, time, and path history.
  • I can find where I parked.

When you start up car

WiFi is ready!

While driving

Provides map and traffic nearby

When you finish driving

Remember driving route, parked location.

All of these features,

It works automatically, auto!

And amazing information

is available!

Compatible Smartphone

You need a android Android 5.0 or higher with mobile internet.
Some smartphone models can request manual actions instead of automation.

What is the difference between Android auto and Apple CarPlay?

  • Carspot Ready uses HOTSPOT, which shares the wireless Internet of my smartphone.
  • There is no need for a supported car, and you can connect to the Internet with any device if you have a smartphone.
  • No compatible apps are needed and you can take advantage of all the apps available on your smartphone.


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